200816 ATEEZ Garner Positive Response with Traditional Korean Outfits Worn on Music Core in Light of National Liberation Day


By AKP Staff | August 16th, 2020

On the August 15, South Korea celebrates National Liberation Day of Korea. In this day’s episode of MBC’s Show! Music Core, boy group ATEEZ took the stage wearing traditional Korean outfits with their latest song “Inception”. With ATEEZ’s logo cleverly incorporated into their costumes, their stage has drawn attention.

Fans as well as netizens responded to the stage on online communities, “It’s even cooler since it showed off each members’ individual charms.”, “The hanbok costume left a lasting impression during the comeback show, but it is even more meaningful today.”, “I am amazed how ATEEZ’s logo is incorporated so naturally onto the hanbok.

Lee Seo Jeong, the designer who prepared ATEEZ’s hanbok stage outfit said, “When we received the concept for ‘Inception’, we got an idea from “dream in a dream” and decided to incorporate our classic literature ‘The Cloud Dream of the Nine’.” The designer also unveiled that the costume was designed with South Korea’s first school uniform, the ‘cheong-geum bok’ worn by Sungkyunkwan scholars, in mind.

After finishing their performance, ATEEZ said, “We are moved to be able to stand on the stage on a special day with a special outfit. We would be happy and proud if our traditional outfit can further illuminate our stage. We would like to thank our visual stylists as well as our staffs for always preparing pretty outfits for us.

Check out their stage on MBC’s Show! Music Core below!