200824 ATEEZ’s ‘ZERO :FEVER Part 1’ Places 1st on Daily Global Authentication Rankings 18 days in a Row!


By Joheun | August 24th 2020

ATEEZ also ranks high in the Whosfan poll for 4 consecutive weeks for the first time!

Group ATEEZ has ranked in the 1st place for 3 consecutive weeks on Hanteo Chart’s Weekly Global Authentication Chart and solidified their position as the global mainstream.

On August 24th, Hanteo Chart, the world’s one-and-only real-time music chart, announced the Weekly Global Authentication Chart of the 3rd week of August based on the genuine album purchase authentication data from K-Pop fans overseas during the past week (August 17th – 23rd). The glory of the 1st place went to ATEEZ who is actively promoting after making a comeback with the 5th Mini Album ‘ZERO : FEVER Part 1’ on July 29th.

Hanteo Chart’s Global Authentication Chart is built by the K-Pop fans overseas directly authenticating their purchase of K-pop artists’ genuine albums. Moving a step forward from the physical album chart that automatically reflects the sales as soon as the album is purchased, the Global Authentication Chart is a new concept chart that’s based on ‘the fans’ active participation.’ As such, the result of this chart has a great meaning to the artist and the fans alike as it demonstrates the size of the active ‘global core fans.’

ATEEZ’s ‘ZERO : FEVER Part 1’ album has been continuously loved by the fans in the United States. Following from the last week, the album recorded the highest authentication rate from the U.S. The authentication rate ranking was followed by Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Singapore, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Poland, Australia, Puerto Rico, Russia, Hong Kong, Canada, and Malaysia.

The authentication ranking by country of ATEEZ - ZERO : FEVER Part 1 in the 3rd week of August (Photo Credit=Hanteo Chart)
PHOTO: HANTEO CHART – The authentication ranking by country of ATEEZ’s ‘ZERO : FEVER Part 1’ in the 3rd week of August

After the album’s release, ATEEZ has taken the 1st place in the Daily Global Authentication Rankings for 18 days in a row from August 5th to August 22nd, receiving continued support. The album also continued to be ranked high up in the Physical Album chart and also set the cumulative sales record of more than 300,000 copies 16 days after the release.

Moreover, ATEEZ has placed 1st in Hanteo Chart’s Weekly Star Chart of the 3rd week of August as well. Also, ATEEZ’s ‘THANXX‘ has placed 1st in the ‘song and artist you support the most in the 4th week of August’ poll ran by ‘Whosfan,’ the global K-pop fandom platform, which made ATEEZ the first artist in Whosfan poll’s history to place 1st 3 times. With this, ATEEZ ranked in the higher ranks of the poll 4 weeks in a row.

After garnering attention with the promotion with the title track ‘INCEPTION,’ ATEEZ has announced that they will be promoting with yet another concept by releasing the music video of ‘THANXX,’ the double title track, on the 24th. It is of keen interest whether ATEEZ will continue to create great results on this week’s Global Authentication Chart as well as they are continued to be loved by the global fans.

The genuine album authentication to count towards the Global Authentication Chart can be done on ‘Whosfan’ app, and the chart rankings, including that of ATEEZ’s 5th Mini Album ‘ZERO : FEVER Part 1,’ can be found on the Whosfan app and Hanteo Chart’s website.


Source: Hanteo News