200827 ATEEZ Discusses New Album ‘ZERO: FEVER Part 1’ and Express their Love For their Fans on ‘NAVER NOW LATENIGHT IDOL’


ATEEZ made an appearance on the late-night radio show ‘NAVER NOW LATENIGHT IDOL‘ as they write new history with their new mini-album ‘ZERO: FEVER Part 1‘.

The ‘NAVER NOW LATENIGHT IDOL‘ is a radio show that is also broadcasted with a video. ATEEZ appeared on August 26 as guests and partook in the music talk show.

ATEEZ is currently promoting with their second lead title song “THANXX” from their fifth mini-album ‘ZERO: FEVER Part 1’, which was released last month in July. The two songs that the group has been promoting with are the songs voted by the fans, which makes it more special to them.

On this day, all the members of ATEEZ thanked their fans who have made it possible for them to successfully promote their album for two months. They stated, “It’s all thanks to our fans.”

The host, Ha Sung Woon, asked ATEEZ, “You have been promoting for a month straight now, but isn’t it difficult to promote so long?” in which the members replied, “There aren’t any difficulties. We feel honored and feel very thankful to all our fans.”

They made everyone laugh by adding, “No one knows how long we are going to promote. Only the director of our company knows.”

ATEEZ is currently writing new history and breaking their own records through their new album. The album, which sold over 250,000 copies, was ranked No. 1 on the K-pop charts in 32 countries including the U.S., Britain, France, and Germany on the day of its release.

The group stated, “There are a lot of our own records that we’ve broken. This is all thanks to our fans. We will do our best to meet their expectations.” The group stated that they won first place for the first time with “INCEPTION” and was able to happily promote thanks to their fans. They stated, “We were able to win first place twice all thanks to our fans.”

ATEEZ also revealed the backstage story behind their music video. The music video garnered 10 million views but was achieved through hard work. ATEEZ revealed that there were some members who fell while they were dancing in the water. They stated, “We had to dance in perfect sync in the water. Some of us fell a lot. Fortunately, no one got hurt but we had to redo our hairs a lot.”

Also, on this episode of the late-night radio show, the members of ATEEZ were able to show their bare faces off stage. They also revealed that the members were huge fans of games and recently were absorbed with the “Rider” game.

Ha Sung Woon also asked if the members don’t fight among themselves as they live together. The members replied, “honestly we used to talk a lot about really small things when we were trainees but now after we debuted, we just take care of things before they become a problem.”

As they conclude the show, ATEEZ leader Hong Joong stated, “We were unfamiliar with broadcast and being on air but we are able to get used to it as we appear more on tv. We enjoyed this time thanks to the host Ha Sung Woon.”

Source: allkpop