200901 1st Place in the Monthly Global Authentication Chart 7 Times Since Debut


By Joheun | September 1st 2020

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Artist who placed 1st the most. ATEEZ loved all over the world!”

Monthly Global Authentication Chart: August] ATEEZ’s ‘ZERO : FEVER Part 1’ Places 1st (Hanteo Chart Official)

Group ATEEZ has placed 1st in Hanteo Chart’s Monthly Global Authentication Chart of August.

On September 1st, Hanteo Chart, the world’s one-and-only real-time music chart, announced the Monthly Global Authentication Chart of August 2020 based on the genuine album purchase authentication data from K-Pop fans overseas during the past month. As a result, ATEEZ’s 5th Mini Album ‘ZERO : FEVER Part 1’ (title tracks ‘INCEPTION,’ ‘THANXX’), released on July 29th, earned the glory of the 1st place in the Monthly Global Authentication Chart.

According to the authentication data of the last month, the fans in the United States have recorded the most authentications of the genuine album purchase of the ATEEZ’s ‘ZERO : FEVER Part 1’ album. The numbers of authentications were followed by France, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Russia, Indonesia, Italy, Poland, Malaysia, Canada, and Puerto Rico. It proves that ATEEZ is being loved all over the world crossing borders.

ATEEZ also secured 1st place in the Weekly Global Authentication Chart from the 1st week to the 4th week of August. Especially, they have claimed 1st in the Monthly Global Authentication Chart a total of 7 times since last year and earned the glory of ‘the artist who placed 1st the most in Monthly Global Authentication Chart,’ solidifying their position as a global mainstream.

They also garnered attention with the self-growth. In Initial Chodong (first week of release) sales, they surpassed the Initial Chodong record of the previous ‘TREASURE EPILOGUE : Action To Answer’ album, which was 62,833 copies, and set a new record of 233,399 copies, demonstrating the growth rate of 371% within half a year. Compared to the debut album ‘TREASURE EP.1 : ALL TO ZERO,’ they recorded the growth rate of 4455.03% in Initial Chodong sales.

Moreover, the cumulative album sales of ‘ZERO : FEVER Part 1’ has surpassed 300,000 copies on August 13th and also ranked the album in the 4th place of August’s Monthly Physical Album Chart.

In such an atmosphere, the support of the fandom ‘ATINY’ also continued on. In the poll ‘the artist and song you support the most this week’ on ‘Whosfan,’ the global K-pop fandom platform, ATEEZ’s ‘INCEPTION’ and ‘THANXX’ placed 1st twice each, making ATEEZ the first artist to place 1st 4 times in Whosfan’s voting history.

Confidently claiming 1st place in the Global Authentication Chart with such amazing growth power, ATEEZ is recently continuing on the promotion with the double title track, ‘THANXX.’

More details on the music album chart, including Stray Kids’ rankings in the Global Authentication Chart, can be found on ‘Whosfan’ mobile app or Hanteo Chart’s homepage.

Hanteo Chart’s Global Authentication Chart is a new concept chart built by the K-Pop fans overseas directly authenticate their purchase of the artists’ genuine albums. As it is based on ‘the fans’ active participation,’ the result of the chart has a great meaning to the artist and the fans alike. 

More details on the music album chart, including ATEEZ’s rankings in the Global Authentication Chart, can be found on ‘Whosfan’ mobile app or Hanteo Chart’s homepage.

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