200904 Italian Fans Surprised How a Childrens Song Turned Into Such a Powerful Performance


By Scent_Of_Rain | September 4th 2020

The August 29th ‘Immortal Song’ featured part 2 of the special dedicated to Turbo and Kim Jong Kook, and ATEEZ did their own rendition of Turbo’s 1995 track “Black Cat Nero”. ATEEZ took the final win with their powerfull performance and this made them the first male rookie group and first group of the 4th generation of K-Pop to ever win the show. 

But there was something that the Italians watching the performance were surprised! They were amazed at how a children song known to everyone in Italy turned into such a dark performance. Because “Black Cat Nero” was a famous Italian children song released in 1969.

Turbo’s 1995 track “Black Cat Nero”:

Source: allkpop