200907 HQ Photos Behind ATEEZ ‘THANXX’ MV Shooting


One hot summer day.
The first filming started outdoors. Woo-young
is fighting (?) with bugs!

ATEEZ is hot but having fun shooting!

Peeking out the window! Head banging harder than anyone else when they show up and start shooting @ _ @

This is youth … ☆
Showing their beautiful appearance on the bus, San, Yunho, Seonghwa!

A-A (iced Americano) drinking puppy Yunho.jpg

With the power of coffee, the first shoot is over!

As the sun sets and night falls,
ATEEZ appeared with a different force.

Matching the clothing, it’s full of hip feeling right?!

ATEEZ is meticulous in monitoring! And a few days later, this time the THANXX MV filming took place at an indoor set!

Mingi is showing off a force that looks like he’s going to eat the camera!

This is the famous manner bridge?!

Receiving makeup correction 2ho (Yunho & Jongho)!

Waiting to film, San and Wooyoung are spacing out!

Among the clothing accessories this time,
Jongho is always carrying a cute bag.

Raise your blue flag, raise your white flag ♪ Show off your breathing and finish shooting quickly!

Behind the scenes of THANXX music video

Source: KQ Entertainment & Translations By Ateenewz