200909 The Production Team Directors, Choreographers and More Shares their Thoughts on ATEEZ


By Scent_Of_Rain | September 9th 2020

Eden, Buddy, Leez, and Ollounder from EDEN-ARY (The music production team of KQ Ent.)

Question: It’s the beginning of the new series after the Treasure series. Any kind of burden about it or changes to it?

EDEN: “FEVER” is a spin-off album. I thought our own color was very strong in the Treasure series and the audience loved it.  But rather than doing the same thing and taking it safe, “Let’s show them what we haven’t shown them yet, in this spin-off FEVER series” was what we thought. We tried hard not to use the same BPMs, instruments, sources, and compositions that we used in the Treasure series. And I think it was difficult especially in the beginning, trying to make music that is more like someone’s childhood, or more ATEEZ-ish. We set our mind that way so it took a long time to change it and I think that was the hardest part for our team members too.

BUDDY: You know, the setups we’ve made before but we need to get rid of all that and try something completely new, not doing the familiar things. But there were also good things in taking a new path. It was hard but it’s been a lot of fun.

EDEN: Because we’re changing the musical texture, a lot of things have to change. And the hardest part is keeping the base of ATEEZ even when we’re changing things. In this regard, all our KQ staff and EDEN-ARY team members had to think a lot. 

Question: To compare this album to a movie?

EDEN: You know, in movies, the main characters come up in the beginning. What we see in them, the way they dress, their looks, their way of speaking, and what they do make us think they are the main characters. If THAT (introduction of the characters) was the Treasure series, “how did these people end up like this? How was these people’s childhood? The time they’ve gone through to get here?” part is the FEVER series. 

BB Trippin (the dance crew behind ATEEZ’s powerful choreographies and members’ dance coaches)

Question: What do you focus on the most when making ATEEZ’s choreography?

Answer: There is a nickname for ATEEZ. It’s called MaLateez. It’s a nickname from the fans. I think it’s a very good nickname. When I make the choreography, the important point I focus on is that the choreo is strong and intense. Stimulating, spicy, and addictive like Mala.

Question: In what area do you think the members have improved a lot?

Answer: Now that they’ve gained a lot of experience on stage.  The members improved a lot in improvising the moves.

They now have the luxury of experience on stage overall. When you’re doing your part, it can feel like it’s too short. But when they use that short period of time to express themselves leisurely, I thought “they’ve improved a lot” 

Question: ATEEZ often referred to as the expression, what does the choreography team do with them for further development?

Answer: We really click well with the members in terms of inspiration. As we watch them getting immersed and focused, developing on stage.

I think the choreography is becoming more and more developed. 

As we keep exchanging feedback on ideas with the members when we practice.

Inception MV director Wonmo Seong from DIGIPEDI 

Question: How did you feel when you first encountered the story narrative of ATEEZ?

Wonmo Seong: “Wow it’s huge. It’s incredible.” I wonder if I could actually film all of this. In fact, the story that I have been told about has so much more than what’s in the story film. So I thought “They’re a very detailly structured group”. First of all, it’s not usual to have a story film so I thought it would be fun. 

Question: First impressions of ATEEZ members who you worked together for the first time. 

Wonmo Seong: ATEEZ worked so hard that I was surprised. When they shoot like the lip-sync scenes, they almost roll over the floor. I felt that they have a big motivation for expressions. So that was very impressive for me. I felt that ATEEZ is different in terms of that. I felt that each member was very outspoken in expressing, their mood, emotions, and the acting in their songs. And I think their passionate attitude is what makes ATEEZ special. 

Thanxx MV director Lee Gi-baek from TIGERCAVE

Question: What is the appealing point of the group ATEEZ?
Lee Gi-baek: 
You know, when you see a rookie dance you can just tell it’s rookie. But ATEEZ hasn’t had that even when they were rookies. I thought “They’re very good dancers” “They’re performance-specialized group”. At the moment they dance they are the most amazing people. They dance so hard that no one’s left undone. So ATEEZ is a team specialized in performance and concept.

Source: allkpop