200914 ATEEZ Polished Man Twitter and Instagram Update

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Today we are so excited and proud to announce that the international K-Pop group, @ateez_official_, are Polished Man ambassadors! This unique partnership came about when band member Hong Joong heard about the campaign from other artists and wanted to use his platform to bring about awareness to his fans, so he decided to polish up💅. ATEEZ supportive and dedicated fan base called ATINY, got behind the campaign immediately and began donating and setting up fundraising pages in their name. Over the past 12 months they have collectively raised thousands of dollars! This did not go unnoticed to the PM team as we have been receiving touching messages and donations ever since. So today marks the official kick-off to what has been a truly inspiring partnership that came about so organically and from a place of passion for making a difference and a safer place for all children. We are extremely grateful for ATEEZ support and thankful to all of ATINY who have continued to contribute to the campaign all year round! Just to give you a little insight, we have received over hundreds of donations from ATINY’s in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. They have truly #nailedit! If you would like to donate to their page, head to polishedman.com/ateez and while you’re there sign-up to the campaign today💙 #ATEEZ #ATINY PS. We are just over two weeks away until #polishedman Nail Painting month begins on Oct 1st 💅

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