200914 ATEEZ’s 5th Mini Album’ZERO: FEVER Part 1′ 1st Place on Hanteo Chart Official Global Chart for 6 Consecutive Weeks!


By Kim Tae | September 14th 2020

Group ATEEZ is showing the global heat that does not cool down with the 5th mini album’ZERO: FEVER Part 1′, and is firmly keeping the position of ‘global trend’.

On the 14th, Hanteo Chart, the world’s only real-time music chart, released the weekly global chart for the two weeks of September compiled from September 7th to September 13th. Hanteo Chart’s global chart is a chart created by K-Pop fans living abroad who directly certify the albums they purchased, and is a new concept chart based on the active participation of fans called’certification’ along with the purchase of the album.

Therefore, it can be said that it is an indicator of the scale of the’global core fan’, and it can be said that the number 1 on the global chart has a great meaning for fans and artists. The first place on this global chart was ATEEZ’s 5th mini album’ZERO: FEVER Part 1′, which has been receiving explosive attention from global K-pop fans for 6 consecutive weeks.

ATEEZ’s’ZERO: FEVER Part 1’album recorded the highest certification rate in the United States as last week. In addition, it recorded high certification rates in Russia, Australia, Canada, Poland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, and the Netherlands, demonstrating the popularity of ATEEZ, loved all over the world, and still showing off its global popularity.

ATEEZ ZERO: FEVER Part 1 Album's September 2nd Week Certification Country Ranking (Photo = Provided by Hanteo Chart)
ATEEZ’s’ZERO: FEVER Part 1’album ranking for the 2nd week of September certification (Photo = provided by Hanteo Chart)

Despite being an album released on July 29th, ATEEZ has steadily ranked in the rankings on Hanteo Chart’s weekly album charts and has grown at a frightening pace.

The ‘ZERO: FEVER Part 1’album, which is showing a super strong force on the global chart, exceeded 250,000 copies in pre-order before release, as well as increased sales of more than 230,000 copies in initial copper sales after release, recording a growth rate of 371%.

ATEEZ has already raised expectations for their next album activity by finishing their activities with such a good record through the follow-up song’THANXX’ following the title song’INCEPTION’.

Meanwhile, ATEEZ was recently appointed as ambassadors for the ‘2020 Polished Man’ campaign, a campaign to eradicate child abuse in Australia, and members Yeosang and Mingi recorded audiobooks for children’s books and donated talents through voices. They are growing up as a ‘global artist’.

ATEEZ, a group appointed as the ambassador for the Polished Man campaign (Photo Credit=KQ Entertainment)
ATEEZ, a group appointed as the ambassador for the’Polished Man’ campaign

Source: Hanteo News