200914 K-pop Group ATEEZ to Support Children’s Safety Drive as Polished Man Ambassadors, Fans say ‘Proud Of Our Boys’


By Ashish Singh | September 14th 2020

K-pop boy band ATEEZ is climbing the ladder of fame and success quite fast. It has only been two years since the eight-member group was formed and they are already getting the attention they deserve. The squad is not only focusing on making good music but is also spreading positivity through their social work. The band is led by 21-year-old Hongjoong, while the other members are rapper Mingi, 21, vocalists Seonghwa, 22, San, Yunho, Yeosang, all 21, and Wooyoung, 20, and the youngest of the lot is Jongho, 19.

ATEEZ has been making noise with their hit songs namely ‘Inception’, ‘Thanxx’ and ‘Answer’ among others. However, the band is currently making big moves after they were announced as one of the ambassadors of the Polished Man campaign for the year 2020 on Monday, September 14. The movement sheds light on the crucial opposition to violence against children.

The campaign, run by the organization called Polished Man, also made the official announcement on their Twitter page. They posted a photo of ATEEZ from this campaign and stated, “We are so excited and proud to announce that the international K-Pop group, @ATEEZofficial, are Polished Man ambassadors! Head to http://polishedman.com/ateez to donate to their page and while you’re there don’t forget to sign-up too.”

Speaking about the campaign, the organization also shared the same photo on their official Instagram account but with a more detailed caption, thus giving further information about their new project. The caption read, “So today marks the official kick-off to what has been a truly inspiring partnership that came about so organically and from a place of passion for making a difference and a safer place for all children. We are extremely grateful for ATEEZ support and thankful to all of ATINY who have continued to contribute to the campaign all year round! Just to give you a little insight, we have received over hundreds of donations from ATINY’s in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. They have truly #nailedit!”

We are extremely grateful for ATEEZ support and thankful to all of ATINY who have continued to contribute to the campaign all year round.

Polished Man

In the photo, the group members can be seen posing for the camera with their polished nails whilst brimming with confidence. The Polished Man campaign encourages both men and women to join the movement with an intention to put a full stop to violence towards children.

The fans of the boy band also got excited with the news and started tweeting about the same. One said, “Thank you so much Polished Man for officially making Ateez your global ambassadors! This is very special to us their fans because we know how passionate they are for your cause, specially their leader Hongjoong. For the kids!” Another fan added, “YESSS ATEEZ 4TH GENERATION KINGS hongjoong has been part of this campaign for so long and now being an ambassador for it is so amazing and I’m honestly so proud.” One tweeted, “So proud of our boys @ATEEZofficial especially Hongjoong who is so passionate about this cause and shared it with the members. I like to see that this partnership is totally organic. #Ateez inspires Atinys to build a better world everyday.”

ATEEZ has been extending their support to this movement since early 2019. Band leader Hongjoong was spotted several times sporting painted nails and then other members had joined him too in order to raise awareness.

Source: Meaww