200918 WATCH ATEEZ Receiving Hanteo Chart’s Certificate After Being Officially Named ‘200K Initial Chodong Sales’ Artist


By Joheun | September 18th 2020

Group ATEEZ has received the ‘Certificate of 200k Initial Chodong Sales’ and became an official ‘200K Initial Chodong Artist.’

In the afternoon on September 18th, ATEEZ has shared the news of receiving Hanteo Chart’s official certificate and thanked the global fans in a video.

Jongho said, “First of all, we’re very grateful to receive the certificate,” and thanked the fans by saying, “I think ATINYs made it happen.”

Seonghwa also shared appreciation and love towards the fans, “Thank you so much for sending such a huge love for both title tracks ‘INCEPTION’ and ‘THANXX.’ We love you all always!” He continued, “We’ll do our best to become a better artist, so stay with us forever, ATINY!”

“Members surprised at the official record!→Happy & thankful for the gift that ATINY made come true”


On August 5th, Hanteo Chart officially counted and announced that ATEEZ has reached the Initial Chodong (first week of release) sales amount of 233,399 copies with the album, ‘ZERO : FEVER Part 1.’ The Initial Chodong period of this album was from July 29th to August 4th, and ATEEZ not only set a new Initial Chodong record of the group but also achieved a growth rate of 371%.

ATEEZ took the 1st place in Hanteo Chart’s Weekly Physical Album Chart of 5th Week of July, and they have ranked 1st in the Weekly Global Authentication Chart 6 weeks in a row from the 2nd week of August to 2nd week of September, proving their global presence.

The video of ATEEZ released today can be found on Hanteo News, Whosfan mobile app, WhosfanTV channel on YouTube, and ‘HANTEOCHINA’ on Weibo and Bilibili.

Source: Hanteo News

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