201007 Netizens are Surprised ATEEZ is Number 1 in Album Sales for 4th Generation Boy Groups


By AKP STAFF | October 6th 2020

Recently, a netizen posted the list of album sales ranking of the 4th generation boy groups in 2020.

ATEEZ has been receiving much love from international fans all across the globe. The group was able to reach number 1 on the monthly global charts in September and was able to top the weekly global charts for four consecutive weeks in August.

The boys of ATEEZ hit number 1 of the album sales among the 4th generation boy groups with their album ‘ZERO: Fever Part. 1‘ selling 365,496 copies on Hanteo. 

For international fans this might not be too much of a surprise, however, many Korean netizens were amazed that ATEEZ was able to come in at number 1 beating out Stray Kids and TXT.

Netizens’ Commented:

There might be people who don’t know ATEEZ but their performance is so awesome and their music is of high quality.”

“Wow, ATEEZ.”

ATEEZ sold so many albums. They beat Stray Kids too.”

“Congrats, both ATEEZ and Stray Kids.”

ATEEZ is a really charming group. Glad they did well.”

Source: allkpop

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