201023 ATEEZ 2nd Anniversary of Debut… Exceeding 230,000 Copies with ‘371% Growth’


By Hwang Hye-jin | October 23rd 2020


On October 24th, ATEEZ, who celebrates their 2nd anniversary, are attracting attention with their remarkable growth.

ATEEZ’s 5th mini album’ZERO: FEVER part.1′, released in July, has sold about 380,000 over 230,000 initial sales based on Hanteo Chart. This is a 371% increase from the initial record of 62,833 copies of the 4th mini album ‘TREASURE EPILOGUE: Action To Answer’ released in January. It is also ATEEZ’s own best record. Subsequently, ‘Zero: Fever Part 1’ sold 115,823 copies on July 29, the first day of the album’s release only, and ranked 8th in the initial sales volume among male group albums released in 2020. They became the 7th among male group artists who recorded more than 200,000 copies.

According to Gaon Chart’s official weekly album chart, ATEEZ’s debut album ‘TREASURE EP.1: All To Zero’, released in October 2018, ranked 7th in the first week of release. Next, ‘Zero: Fever Part 1’, which was released about two years later, ranked first in the fourth week of July 2020, proving a steep rise.

In the social chart showing the popularity of social media released by Gaon Chart in July, ATEEZ ranked 22nd in the overall score for the first half of 2020. Among male group artists, they then ranked 6th after BTS, EXO, NCT 127, Seventeen and iKON.


As such, ATEEZ was already openly called ‘Growth Teez’ by fans who were proud of it. For example, compared to the title songs ‘Pirate King’ and ‘Treasure’, which took five months to reach 5 million views on the official music videos. The title track ‘Inception’ of ‘Zero: Fever Part 1’ immediately after the video was released, broke 5 million in 7 hours, 514 times faster, and soon broke 10 million views in 23 hours. The music video for ‘Thanks’, which was released afterwards, recorded 10 million views in 21 hours and shortened 2 hours in about a month.

ATEEZ is preparing for an online solo concert ‘ATEEZ 2ND ANNIVERSARY CONCERT: PORT OF CALL’ in celebration of the 2nd anniversary of their debut on the 24th.

Source: Naver News

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