201023 ATEEZ Benefit Message [with English Translations]


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Come quickly… Is it your first 2nd year anniversary?
It’s my first 2nd year anniversary with ATINY too >_<
See you soon~♡ From. Seonghwa
We are already celebrating our 2nd anniversary!
Because we’re meeting soon, please wait a little bit more~💕
From. ATEEZ hongjoong
Thank you for creating good memories for us these past 2 years!! I hope we have a happy 2nd anniversary together!!
I feel good because we’re gonna meet on stage soon.
Let’s make unforgettable memories in the 2nd anniversary concert!
Thank you so much for coming
i love you! ♡
ATINY thank you so much for waiting for us
We’ll show many cool sides of us💕
i love you today as well💕 From. SAN
Since we prepared so many stages you want to see, i hope you have fun and enjoy.
ATINY~ please look forward for our coming 2nd anniversary concert. Let’s make long-lasting, happy memories♡
ATINY, it’s already our 2nd anniversary ㅠㅠ
I think time flies so fast!
Let’s make good memories for our 3rd year, 4th year, and in the future as well! ♡
-ATEEZ Jjong♡-

Special thanks to transfroatz for translation and dearmingki for the picture of featured image

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