201026 ATEEZ Special Interview [with English Translations]


Q: The first title program “Code Name Is: ATEEZ” shot before debut will be aired on the home drama channel. What did you think when you heard that you could have a program at that time?

YEOSANG: Looking at the video now, I think it’s honestly innocent. I could do a lot more interesting things now! I would like to appear on a reality show if I have the opportunity.

MINGI: I was surprised when I heard that I was shooting a reality show even before my debut, but it was also the moment when I realized that “we really are making our debut.”

Q: Please tell us if there are any differences between the time of shooting and now.

YUNHO: My passion for performance hasn’t changed, but I think things have changed a lot. Before my debut, I think it was more innocent than it is now. Recently, I often hear people say that we have become cooler. Everyone was a blank slate.

SAN: I think that our ability and mentality have also grown. Still, I think we need a lot of growth in the future, so I will do my best. Fighting!

<Two months in a row> K-POP Festival 2020-Winter-ATEEZ / GOT7 Special ATEEZ Special Interview | Home Drama Channel

Q “ATEEZ: TRESURE MAP” is a program that follows the European tour that took place four months after your debut and the vacation period in Russia. Do you still remember any scenes?

JONGHO: It was surprise even from waking up. I am usually the one who goes to wake up the members, but I overslept only on that day! I’m good at getting up from the beginning.

YUNHO: It’s bad to get up from the beginning! (Lol)

WOOYOUNG: We traveled to various countries in Europe, and it was interesting that the atmosphere of ATINY and the atmosphere of the performances differed from country to country. It was a meaningful time to experience the traditions of each country.

SEONGHWA: I was roommate with YEOSANG at that time, but now it’s different, so I miss that time every time I watch the video (laughs).

<Two months in a row> K-POP Festival 2020-Winter-ATEEZ / GOT7 Special ATEEZ Special Interview | Home Drama Channel

Q: What is the new charm you wanted to show in the title songs “INCEPTION” and “THANXX” of the mini album “ZERO: FEVER PART.1”?

SEONGHWA: “INCEPTION” is a song with a new concept that hasn’t been shown before, so I think we are able to show the new charm of us to ATINY. For example, wearing a uniform.

HONGJOONG: In “THANXX”, I wanted to show our true face, which is bright and has high tension. The dance genre was also something we were good at, so I was confident in the process of preparing, and I think we were able to show it to everyone with confidence.

Q: In the MV for “INCEPTION”, the scene of dancing on the ground where water was impressive. How was the shooting of the MV?

YUNHO: The color of the group dance scene was good, and the set was cool, so I think you can enjoy the beauty of the image.

SAN: At first, everyone was scared of dancing, but in the middle of the shooting, everyone danced with the feeling of “Dance with all our might!” (In Japanese) and it was cool.

WOOYOUNG: It was my first time to dance on the water, so I was unfamiliar with it.

HONGJOONG: Even if the director gives OK, I remember that we retaken many times saying “I want to make a cooler picture”. It makes me happy to hear the fans say that the scene is cool.

Q: Each member also had a solo scene. Please tell us the behind-the-scenes story of the shooting.

JONGHO: I was in a situation where the flames were rising behind me. When I received the explanation, I thought they would put it in CG, but I was surprised because the real flame went up, but it “ignited” in my heart.


MINGI: Great (in Japanese)

SEONGHWA: I was jealous of MINGI shooting on the water when shooting the MV for “WONDERLAND”, saying “it’s cool”. That’s why I wanted to shoot such a scene, but I’m happy because I was able to shoot a scene with a similar atmosphere this time.

YEOSANG: I was sitting on the bed and the feathers fell from the top, but it was a fantastic and very beautiful scene, and I was very happy……. Was it good? (Lol)

WOOYOUNG: I wasn’t able to act well at first, but thanks to the director’s directions, I was able to play the role.

(Then, you can do it well when you act in the MV again)

WOOYOUNG: Of course.

SEONGHWA: You can expect us all to perform.

YEOSANG: I’m shooting a movie! (Lol)

Q: INCEPTION means “beginning”. Please tell us what you started this year and what you want to start from now on.

SAN: This year, I’m doing a lot of things I’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t. For example, growing tomatoes and cooking, or going to a side dish shop to buy side dishes. It’s a lot of fun to do something for the first time.

MINGI: I watch a lot of movies, make music, come into contact with art, study Japanese, and so on.

<Two months in a row> K-POP Festival 2020-Winter-ATEEZ / GOT7 Special ATEEZ Special Interview | Home Drama Channel

Q: Please tell us how to spend your “house time”.

HONGJOONG: My hobby is listening to music, but I can’t listen to it at high volume through speakers in the dormitory, so I bought headphones with excellent sound quality. I am having a comfortable music life.

WOOYOUNG: I’ve been editing videos that I’ve always wanted to do since before summer. HONGJOONG and the staff have helped me a lot and I have uploaded it to the video sharing site, so if you like it, please subscribe to the channel with “Like Button” (laughs).

SEONGHWA: I used to exercise at the gym, but recently I can’t go out, so I’m using a yoga mat and doing muscle training at the dormitory. I also make Gunpla (a plastic model of the “Mobile Suit Gundam” series). I especially like to make RG, which is a little finer and more difficult.

YEOSANG: I often watch animal videos on video sharing sites. I want to keep a pet, but I can’t keep it in the dormitory, so I’m healed by watching the video.

Q: I think that staying at home every day can make you feel depressed. Please tell us the perfect ATEEZ song in such a case.

MINGI: I don’t think it’s necessary to force up the feeling of being down. I think it’s okay to spend some time with melancholy feelings. That’s why I recommend “My Way,” which has a slightly mellow feel.

SAN: When you want to get well, overcome this sad feeling, and listen to “WONDERLAND”, I think it’s a good idea to ignite your heart. I often listen to this song when exercising. Please listen (in Japanese). I recommend it.

YUNHO: I think “UTOPIA”. It’s comfortable to listen to, and there is also a Japanese version, so I hope you enjoy the lyrics. This is my favorite song.

JONGHO: My recommendation is not the title of the song … First of all, you can use your mobile phone or computer, so please open the sound source site. If you search for ATEEZ, there is a “Play all songs” button. It is often in the upper right corner. If you click there, you can spend a whole day with ATEEZ.

(The members burst into laughter and praised it with “Like” and “That’s it!”)

<Two months in a row> K-POP Festival 2020-Winter-ATEEZ / GOT7 Special ATEEZ Special Interview | Home Drama Channel

Q: I think there are many Japanese ATINY who want to meet in person soon. Please give a message to your fans.

HONGJOONG: Thank you to all the ATINY in Japan who have always supported us. The voices of ATINY in Japan who are supporting us have reached us. It’s hard to get to you, but we’re also looking for and working hard to communicate with the Japanese ATINY people. I want to go see you as soon as possible. We will give back a lot when we meet next time, so please wait for ATEEZ until then.

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