201111 ATEEZ and Now me. By NYLON JAPAN Have Announced Their Collaboration Items + Pictures


By Mayuki | November 11th 2020

Chocomoo, who has been collaborating with apparel brands and companies in Japan and abroad, has drawn illustrations and photo-printed items using photos posted on ATEEZ’s official Instagram, which can only be purchased at ZOZOTOWN!

Hoodie comes in two patterns and three colors each in two designs! It comes in black, white and a deep blue, red and purple for fall and winter! The logo was designed by illustrator Chocomoo, and the letters ATEEZ are unique and cute!

Large logo design version.

The cute ATEEZ letters are printed on the front, and I wondered if the finger pointing from A to Z was a nod to the origin of ATEEZ!

Small logo design version.

The cute ATEEZ logo design in a different pattern is printed on the left side of the front like a single point, and the print is smaller, so I think this one is easier to use as a daily use item too! Looks easy to coordinate together!

Small logo design version.

A long-sleeved t-shirt with a smaller print of the ATEEZ logo design used on the hoodie! It’s got a simple feel to it, a vibe that can be worn any time of day, any occasion!

Photo print version.

The photo print version is a bold print on the back of the ATEEZ official Instagram, which uses actual photos posted on ATEEZ!

Pre-order to make sure you get it!

Pre-orders will start on November 12 (Thursday), 2020 at midnight on the shop “Now me. by NYLON JAPAN” in ZOZOTOWN!

Pre-order start date
Thursday, November 12, 2020 from 0:00

Preorder Site
Pop-up shop “Now me. by NYLON JAPAN”
[https://zozo.jp/shop/nowme/(in ZOZOTOWN)]

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